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Items: Omni-tool, hermetically-sealed suit, various small tools, dextro-amino food synthesizer
Weapons: None
Abilities: Analysis, Hack, Jury Rig

Room number: 408
Roommate: None
Anemoi Crystals in Possession (by percent worth): 1

Memory progress:


Memory regain by percent:

□ automatic, ■ anemoi
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Name: Eek
Personal Journal: [personal profile] eeknsqueekn

Contact Info: AIM: ickychips (preferred)
Plurk: eeknsqueekn

Character Name: Tali'Zora (vas Sirocco) nar Rayya
Character Series: Mass Effect series
Point in Canon: End of Mass Effect 2

Tali is reserved, efficient, insightful, practical, and surprisingly sensitive for someone who has lived almost her whole life in a hermetically-sealed suit. Her sense of humor tends to be on the dry side, wry but too straightforward to be actually sarcastic. She's a technical genius for her age; machining, customization, and hacking are just part of her skill set. She tends be a bit less outgoing than most, babbles when she gets nervous, and is more likely to quietly research things herself, rather than outwardly ask others, especially if the topic is sensitive. She's a bit of a humanophile, finding humans fascinating in their endless variety... with the males especially appealing.

Her life previous to Sirocco had her as member of a migrant spacefaring race with delicate constitutions and carefully-controlled birth rates, and every member was precious; these sensibilities are ingrained in her, and even without the memories she will recoil at the thought of anyone killing another sapient creature without good cause.

As a Quarian, Tali's fist impulse is always that of cooperation and group coexistence; after all, when you live your entire life on a cramped migrant vessel where an entire family can share a single room, learning to get along is actually a survival instinct, rather than just a courtesy. Furthermore, cooperation with higher authority is a strong impulse for her; If the law conflicts with her personal sense of justice, she tends to fall to indecisiveness and second-guessing, and may need someone with stronger convictions to have her see her purpose through. When authority is on her side, however, she will do anything to see her convictions through.

Honor is an important thing to her as it is to all her race, and even though she's very intelligent she tends to not take into account every single way someone else can take advantage of a situation. It simply does not occur to her. On a small-town street where everyone knows everyone else, this is fine--even endearing. However, in certain treacherous circles this can be a very dangerous shortcoming.

Quarians have extremely weak immune systems thanks to evolution within an ecosystem where hostile microbes practically did not exist, and the suits they wear work to isolate them from the outside environment and filter out pathogens and other biological troublemakers. Outside of special clean rooms, Tali cannot break the seals on her suit without contracting some sort of alien bug, and the results can range from dangerous to annoying and even funny (given the nature of multifandoms and some of the goofier pestilences abound.) She can take certain immunoboosters and herbal supplements to lessen the effects. The suit isn't uncomfortable for her, in fact the idea of being without it is what would be unsettling after wearing it constantly for so long, and she wouldn't remove it without a very, VERY good reason.

Lastly, it's worth mention that Quarians have reversed protein chirality than humans and most other species. "Human food" for her would be inedible at best and trigger anaphylaxia at worst. She'll have a few rations with her when she first arrives, but she'll to find a source of sufficiently sterile dextro-protein food in order to live in Sirocco.

Sample Entry: Testrun!


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